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  • A 2018 candidate for the Design Management Master's Program at Pratt Institute in NYC. To add on skills in strategy and management in the world of sustainable business and design.  


  • Fontbonne University: BA in Applied Behavioral Sciences, studied in Saint Louis, Missouri. Gravitated more to the humanistic approach of psychology and the sociological conflict perspective. 








  • Ambassador of Amani Vumwe Primary School, of Mwanga, Tanzania.
  • Founder + Creator of The Seeking Amani Project and Community Building Workshop, for the Amani Vumwe Primary School.
  • Grant Writer


  • Volunteer Coordinator for Yeyo Arts Collective, a non-profit art organization in St. Louis, MO
  •  Caseworker for the Department of Social Service for the state of Missouri







  • Zanzibari ArtWear was created and designed to provide representation and Afrocentric and urban influenced fashion.
  • A large majority of the Zanzibari ArtWear accessories incorporate up-cycled African print textiles. The textiles are received from various countries in the continent African


  • 10% of all proceeds from Zanzibari ArtWear are donated to assist The Seeking Amani Project, for the Amani Vumwe Primary School in Mwanga, Tanzania.