Seeking Amani is a nonprofit project that is focused on achieving social design and development at Amani Vumwe Primary School in Tanzania.

My background is in psychology, community development and strategy, while all align in supporting my initiative. Through designing a program that would provide creative arts, Community Building workshops and repairing the infrastructure of the school. All with the support of grant writing and donations.   

10% of the proceeds collected from Zanzibari ArtWear are donated to Seeking Amani.





Donate essential resources to improve conditions & help students receive a quality education

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Seeking Amani is a program that provides support with programs such as the Community Building Workshop that helps students to find their own light, by becoming positive influences within their community. With progressive community development, we plan on redesigning the infrastructure of the school to continue longevity and enhance the educational experience. Through resourceful grant fundraising and donations we have been able to providing mosquito netting to assist in prevent Malaria and a years worth of creative arts supplies. 

A special thank you to support and contribution of:


 Pratt Institute, Graduate Student Engagement Fund 

The Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis

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